Review Policy

I set this blog up to review the books that I read, and I mostly read books on Kindle these days. The reviews that you see here are largely purchased from Amazon by my own choice. Sometimes people ask me to review their books, in which case I will consider their offer. I won't read or review anything that doesn't interest me.

Things that interest me: books about science and history, literary fiction, and biography. I'll also read travel books. If you send me books about the Beat Generation I'll consider reviewing them here or at Beatdom.

If you want me to consider your book, get in touch via editor [at ] beatdom (dot) com


  1. Hello Dave,

    When you are reviewing books again, would you be interested in reviewing my book, Devil Out Of Texas ?

    I just posted it for sale as an ebook in Amazon. Please let me know what I need to do or send you in order to have it reviewed. It's 449 pages.

    Here is the brief synopsis I posted with the book:

    In the summer of 1973, a fourteen year old kid spends time with his grandfather and his friends, George Burns, Jack Benny, Georgie Jessel, and others, as they play cards at the Hillcrest Country Club near Beverly Hills, California. He later sits down to listen as his grandfather tells him the action-packed tale of his great-grandfather, the first Jewish Texas Ranger, and how his grandfather came to Hollywood to become one of the pioneers of the movie industry.
    The young man learns about how his grandfather came to be friends with the early stars of the silver screen, like Tom Mix, William S. Hart, Lionel Barrymore, and Doug Fairbanks, and his grandfather's association with the great Mexican revolutionary leader Pancho Villa, the famous lawman Wyatt Earp, and other fascinating characters.

    Thank you,

    -Roger Raffee

  2. Hi Dave. I'm trying to find reviewers for my novel, SHUFFLE, which is for sale on Amazon. Might you be interested? I can give you a detailed synopsis and of course send you a free copy.

    Shuffle sits at the intersection between literary and commercial fiction. It is a modern drama, set in Edinburgh, about a young mother who drifts into an affair which turns violent. It picks apart the fragile balance of power between parents and between parents and children. It’s a story about the hold our pasts have on our present, and it questions the law, and asks whether, when all else fails, such a blunt instrument can help find the truth and restore balance or does it merely serve to polarise emotions and create an environment of fear and manipulation.

    If you'd like to read a bit about me and my writing and the beginning of Shuffle my website is
    Thanks so much

  3. Hi David,
    Would you please consider reviewing my novel A BURNING IN THE DARKNESS which I have self-published through Troubadour? It is a compelling crime drama and poignant love story about a virtuous man who confronts the painful legacy of his war torn childhood to make the world a better place. The devoted Michael Kieh is wrongfully convicted of murder at one of the world’s busiest airports where he is a full time faith representative. A series of brief encounters with a soul mate has eased his loneliness, but ultimately he chooses to protect a young witness who could prove his innocence. As a boy, Michael witnessed appalling abuses of power, including the killing of a missionary priest who refused to betray young Michael. But there was a first love that he left behind in the brutal confusion of war. When she and Michael cross paths once more, they battle to prove his innocence in a foreign, hostile country.

    'The writing is such that the reader is gripped immediately, and swept into a plot that packs intelligent themes and emotional depth into a twisting, page turning read. ' The Book Bag.

    '...plenty of twists and turns to keep you hooked until the very last page, A Burning in the Darkness will prove difficult to put down.' Bestsellersworld

    You could also visit my web site for more information about me and the novel.

    You can download a sample from Amazon.

    If you need a little 5 minute break from literary things there is a very poignant series of B/W portraits on my web site that I took in the Caribbean island of Montserrat before it was devastated by volcanic activity. You can find them on my web site under the tab 'Montserrat'. If you are interested, I'd love to do a guest post for your blog about the novel, the photographs and myself.

    Kind regards,

    AP McGrath